Friday, November 3, 2006

  • oopsie. if you're the leader of a national conservative christian group, you probably shouldn't be scromping male prostitutes. ted haggard, president of the national association of evangelicals, is accused of having relations with a male prostitute and doing drugs with him over a period of three years. tsk, tsk, tsk. what a tangled web we weave... of course, there is always the possibility that this (former) prostitute is making it all up, but who knows. he says he came forward because haggard has been so openly against colorado's proposed ban on homosexual marriage. who knows, maybe this mike jones guy is just a guy trying to stir the conservative pot before the election on tuesday by making up a big ol' whopper. but then again, maybe mr. haggard is a big fat lying sack who is proof that you can't deny who you are...
  • speaking of gay marriage, if you live in virginia, please vote on tuesday and pay very close attention to the proposed "marriage amendment." and VOTE NO... it'll be question #1. what many people don't realize is that this proposed amendment isn't just about gay marriage. in fact, there are already laws in virginia that prevent any legal union between same sex couples. the second part of this amendment has wording that will take away rights for any unmarried couple, no matter how long they've been together or how devoted to each other they may be. please read the whole thing, and check out this website to learn more. make an educated vote. if you're against gay marriage, know that there are already provisions in place for your beliefs. we certainly don't need to AMEND our constitution to DISCRIMINATE against any two people who love each other. there, i'm stepping off my soapbox.
  • i don't get all the hype about caffeine drinks. after reading this article, i realize that makes me officially old. i'm the starbucks generation, and apparently the young folk want their own caffeine buzz. but that stuff tastes like crap... i can't believe they want to drink it.
  • i read this headline and got chills this morning: Remains of two 9/11 victims identified. of course joel stone's and karen martin's families have known they perished on that day for more than five years, but i can only imagine that a definite identification must bring so many emotions to the surface. i would imagine there is some sense of relief, peace... finally there is something of their loved ones to bury. but i'd also imagine they've all been trying to move on for five years and are now harshly reminded of the tragedy. i hope those two families are able to have peace after this.
  • please don't take away my crabcakes! according to a recent report, people are fishing and polluting too much and by 2048 we're not going to have seafood anymore. well that sucks. stop fishing, people. i can not imagine a world without crabcakes, lobster, salmon, shrimp... oh, what a tragedy that would be! i don't even want to think about it anymore...
  • what the hell happened to kate bosworth? bryan and i went to see blue crush a few years ago, which was one of the first movies she was in, and she was a very cute & healthy blonde girl. now she is withering away to nothing. sometimes i look at stars accused of being anorexic and think maybe they've just taken the whole diet thing a little too far and people should leave them alone. this girl, though, needs an intervention! it's so sad that these young hollywood girls feel so pressured to be stick thin. let's get back to HEALTHY girls... let's rewind to pre-kate moss in the early 90's to when models and actresses had some freaking meat on their bones. ask any man, i bet he'll tell you they found hot chicks just as easily back then as they do now.. maybe even more easily. food for the actresses!

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