Thursday, November 2, 2006

  • i think politics is a joke, but i recognize that i must choose candidates/views/parties whatever or risk having laws and decisions made that really piss me off. this election year has brought a bajillion examples of how politics is funny (george allen could guest star on SNL with all his antics), but i am currently amused by the john kerry "joke" snafu. and even more amused that the democrats figured out a quick contingency plan! "we know! make HILLARY chastise him! then everyone will like her even more and we'll rescue the democratic name before next tuesday AND everyone will see that hillary really is a great choice for president in '08!" those thinking politicos... man they're smart.
  • why is it that americans refuse to buy cars that are fuel efficient? last month SUV and gas guzzler sales were double what they were a year ago and no more fuel efficient cars, in spite of that wacked out gas price spike we went through over the summer. say wha? i mean, i'm not running out buying a hybrid or anything, but i am just surprised. i would have at least thought small car buying would have gone up. personally, i'd like it if we went all european and bought tiny smart cars.
  • overweight? just drink more, you'll be alright. at least, if you're a mouse. god, they study all kinds of randomness these days. so they got some fat mice and then loaded 'em up with red wine and guess what? they got less diabetes, less liver problems and less fat-related problems in general! the point of this study appears to be testing the health benefits of reservatol, some element in red wine. but seriously, in a country where obesity is such a problem, i'm not sure we need to be publicizing this study. our new national motto: eat more, drink more!
  • poor sportcaster. brian kinchen made the mistake of talking on air like every other heterosexual male who watches football talks, and now he lost his job. "During the game Saturday, Kinchen was explaining the need for receivers to make catches with their hands because they are "tender" and can "caress" the ball. He then paused and said, "that's kind of gay, but hey ..." now i certainly don't condone homophobic comments, but i have some gay friends who'd be happy to be accused of being tender and able to caress. i guess ol' mr. kinchen should have known better than to talk like that on tv, but i guarantee you there are PLENTY of sportscasters who talk that way off screen.
  • last night i watched this week's episode of house, and i knew from the opening scenes what the diagnosis was going to be, because it's a disease i just happen to have! i was mildly amused to see hereditary angioedema portrayed the way it was (it did manage to show just how serious it is), and a little perplexed about which pills exactly they prescribed to take twice a day and "easily treat" HAE.
  • and then there's LOST! spoiler alert: stop reading this part if you didn't see it and plan to. i can not believe they killed mr. eko! i am so sad! he was one of my favorite characters on the show. and that whole thing with juliette telling jack one thing and making him read another... man, if i had been locked up in a weird underground aquarium like jack has been, i'd be seriously confused. maybe that's why she gave him the cheeseburger first--to get him some nourishment so he could process everything. i don't know, people... i'm still skeptical of juliette and all of the others and have no idea who to trust. i'm incredibly bummed next week is our last episode 'til after christmas, but whaddyagonnado.

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