Friday, November 10, 2006

  • and so, our house and senate go to the democrats. has virginia ever been the deciding state for something like that before? i find that fascinating because it seems like our state has mostly been republican historically, but in the years since i was able to vote we're moving towards democrat... who knows. regardless, i am interested to see if much changes now that the balance of power has shifted.
  • in news that is completely unrelated, i feel kind of bad for kevin federline. i never liked him (although i did think his song was a little catchy), but reading all this gossip about his divorce from britney spears makes me see him as a human being... he is just a guy with a dream who went about achieving it in all the wrong ways, almost got to where he wanted to be, and now BOOM! all gone! he must have really screwed britney over for her to rip the rug out from under him just as he (thought he) was headed for stardom. but i'm sure he'll be a'ight. ;-)
  • so sad to see ed bradley of CBS has passed away. i don't watch 60 minutes very often, but when i did, i always enjoyed him. what i find odd about his passing is that i never heard he was sick, and i swear i just saw him doing interviews a couple weeks ago. didn't i? anyway, rest in peace, ed. you were a great journalist!
  • i have never been big on "black friday." you know, the day after thanksgiving where bargain hunters camp out at their local mall, wal-mart, target, circuit city, whatever to get mega-deals. but i've heard stories (once my sister-in-law brought pink eye back from black friday.. at least that's my suspicion of where she got it and gave it from). and in the past there have been some bitter battles for the last tickle-me-elmo/furbie/play station 2. well, this year, wal-mart's black friday bargains have been leaked. and people, look out. they are offering some dirt cheap bargains on great stuff ($398 computer anyone?). and i have a sneaking suspicion things could get ugly. all the more reason for me to stay snuggled up in bed that day until 10am or so and not do my christmas shopping until december 22. ;-)
  • all the more reason to take ibuprofen. i never did care for tylenol... now they're selling it laced with metal fragments. so if you've got some in your medicine cabinet, throw it out. they say some sold as long as 3 years ago could be contaminated.
  • i like football. and while i had to watch the office and grey's anatomy last night, i did catch a little bit of the rutgers v. louisville football game. namely, the last couple of minutes. wow, how exciting! i think i am just too empathetic because while i was rooting for rutgers since they were the underdog, as it neared the end and it was pretty evident louisville was going to lose, i was sad for them. i mean, here are these guys who are having the season of their lives--freakign LOUISVILLE #3 in the country, talks of a national championship, and there goes that with one loss to the scarlet knights. if you didn't see it or hear about it, rutgers won on a field goal. but the thing is, the kicker MISSED it the first time he tried. but someone upstairs was looking out for rutgers and the officials called an offsides penalty on louisville, which means the rutgers kicker got a second chance. and he hit it. i absolutely can not imagine what that poor, poor guy from louisville that jumped offsides must feel like. i always worry people like him (or k-fed) might commit suicide. i worry too much. anyway, bravo rutgers. sorry, louisville... it'll be alright.

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