Monday, November 6, 2006

  • how about those redskins! i'm an eagles fan, but since i grew up with my dad being a 'skins fan, i always root for them. plus everyone who's not a cowboys fan has to root against them, particularly when it's the cowboys and redskins. the ending of yesterday's game was one of the most fun endings to a football game i've seen in a while... i was whooping and hollering at my tv, alone in my house since my husband was at work. i wondered what our neighbors would think had they been walking by and heard me, but hopefully they'd understand that sunday in november=football. duh. :)
  • so that guy i mentioned the other day, ted haggard, former president of some evangelical group, has admitted that he is "sexually immoral" but is still denying ever having had sex with the male prostitute (he says he got a massage) or doing drugs (he says he bought meth but threw it away). well people, i think that is a load of crap. his church is standing by him (i suppose that is the Christian thing to do), and is saying that he is on the road to healing. let me tell you a little secret: you're not going to heal if you're still LYING. mr. haggard, time to let all those skeletons out of the closet (pun intended).
  • so how about saddam hussein being sentenced to hang? crazy stuff there. i guess i should have expected that verdict, but i didn't really. or at least i didn't expect it so soon (yes, i know it's been a few years already). i wonder if this will actually happen. if so, it will be one of those moments in life that you always remember where you were, like the challenger explosion, the oj simpson verdict, 9/11 (god, so sad that i remember where i was when the oj verdict was read).
  • so doogie howser is gay. duh. i have seen this story on for a couple weeks, because apparently he was trying to deny being gay but everyone in hollywood knows he is. and now he's out. and more power to him. i mean, it's none of our business either way, but why not just be who you are. the guy who plays george on grey's anatomy came out and i still found him just as adorable on the show as a straight guy this week as i did before i knew he doesn't swing that way. i find it annoying that whether or not someone is gay is a freaking news story though. it'll be nice if we can one day get to the point in our world where someone doesn't have to announce their sexuality if it doesn't happen to be hetero and where when people adopt children they are subsequently just referred to as "so and so's daughter" or "so and so's son" instead of "so and so's adopted son/daughter." stepping off soapbox now...
  • did you see desperate housewives last night? holy crap was it good! and sad. and even though i never like to see people die, that was the tidiest way to wrap up the story with tom's love child. can't wait to see what happens next...

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