Tuesday, November 14, 2006

  • oh, sure, bring in the guy that everyone loves to run for the republican presidential nomination in '08. rudy giuliani was everyone's favorite mayor after 9/11 and he has put in for a run for prez in 2008. probably not a bad choice for the republicans, although i don't know a whole lot about him besides that he cracked down on homeless people in new york. i think the way he handled it might have been a little harsh, but really i could be making that up.
  • In car internet hits the road: so this is kind of scary. i mean, don't people complain enough already about people not being able to drive and talk on cell phones? and now we give 'em internet access in the car?! apparently it's only going to be accessible to passengers, but my bet is that some moron drivers will find a way to use it from the driver's seat as well. i mean, don't get me wrong, i've been in the car a few times and wished i had internet access to find the address of wherever i'm going or find a certain type of place near where i am, but i don't know... all this wiring seems to be taking away our chance to relax. perpetuating the american workaholic mentality, if you will... i swear, i can't wait to see what the world is like in 20 years... things are changing so quickly.
  • this was a headline on cnn.com today: Fear of fear a risk to mental health. well, i got news for ya, cnn. that HEADLINE is a risk to my mental health. maybe it's just me but that's one of those things you read and you're like, "okay, if i fear fear i risk... what? fear fear? is that real? so confusing..." anyway, the moral of the article is, don't be afraid of being afraid.

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