Monday, November 13, 2006

  • first of all, a big ol' WAHOOWA to my UVA cavaliers basketball team! way to go, boys, upsetting arizona on your first game playing in the brand new john paul jones arena! perhaps this will be the year UVA basketball climbs its way out of the trenches and becomes worth watching again!
  • in other sports news, E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles! 'bout time my boys got another win... even if it was over the redskins. and then the giants lost to the bears, so perhaps the eagles still have a chance at winning the division... only time will tell.
  • a coworker brought this story of a deer who got his head caught in a plastic pumpkin to my attention last week. the poor deer had been trying to eat some kid's left over halloween candy, i guess, and got its head stuck! so it was running around this michigan town unable to eat or drink anything for a week or so. well, i'm happy to say, bambi freed herself! i would hope this would be a lesson to all the people that leave crap like this laying around outside their houses, but my guess is that the people who are that inconsiderate probably found this hysterical. :(
  • this is just disgusting. a man ran over a mother and her 4- and 2-year old children and killed them, then just kept on driving. luckily his license plate came off at the scene of the crime so they were able to find and arrest him. what in the hell is wrong with people.
  • something must be done about childhood obesity... namely, turn the freaking TV and playstation off and send your kid outside. when 12 year olds are getting liposuction, there is something seriously wrong. maybe i'll see the "epidemic" of childhood obesity differently when i have kids, but i just refuse to believe there isn't a better way to NOT have fat kids than to suck the fat out of them when they're 220 pounds at 12 years old. seriously.
  • in celebrity gossip news, k-fed performed at the norva in norfolk last night. they actually charged people to go to the concert. i also read that he was seen in wal-mart in maryland buying underpants. the downward slope gets steeper....

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