Tuesday, May 22, 2007

  • after the va tech shootings, many questions were asked about whether or not mental health officials should have done something more, whether they could have prevented cho's incomprehensible rampage. today, a story about a guy from moscow, idaho who killed himself and three other people. a quote from the article reads: "Hamilton had a history of violence, and a judge ordered him evaluated after he tried to kill himself in February by overdosing on anti-anxiety medication. Hamilton told a hospital worker that if he really wanted to commit suicide, he would do it through a mass shooting or bombing, Assistant Police Chief David Duke said. Hamilton was judged not to need involuntary commitment and was released, Duke said." when the tragedy at virginia tech happened, i was irate at the second-guessing, the back and forth over who should have/could have prevented the massacre. sure, this guy didn't kill 32 people, but to me, if prevention is possible, THIS is a preventable case. someone with a history of violence who has just attempted suicide and tells you that next time he'll kill a bunch of people probably needs to stay in the hospital a while, voluntarily or not. but here's the thing: how do you tell the difference between someone who says this type of thing to get attention and someone who really means it? the world is full of tragedy, and unfortunately i'm not at all convinced most of it is preventable... :(
  • well, at least there's one crip with a conscience. a man in boston, massachusetts met a self-professed gang member while he was in jail for violating a restraining order his wife had against him. the man was going through a divorce and once he was out of jail, approached the gang member and asked him to kill his wife, mother-in-law and 7-year-old daughter. he asked that the daughter be shot in the chest so there could be an open casket funeral. he offered $2000 for the job. what a bastard. thankfully, the crip felt like he could not commit this crime, especially killing an innocent 7-year-old child, and so he told his mama. :) his mama called the FBI and the plot was thwarted. what the hell is wrong with people.
  • speaking of what's wrong with people, lets talk about heroes for a second. last week i saw a story that made me cry on good morning america--a 91-year-old man was car jacked and beaten in the head repeatedly while at least 5 people just stood by and watched. i am still teary eyed when i think of this story. i understand that people are afraid the perpetrator could turn on them, but to stand by and do NOTHING? not yell, not call 911, nothing!? it's depressing to think of how apathetic we as a people have become. yet, in spite of this, there are stories like the one i was reminded of last night on deal or no deal, of wesley autrey, who saw a man fall into the subway tracks and jumped down on top of him and saved his life! where are the other people like wesley? i only pray that if i am ever faced with a similar situation that i can be like wesley autrey, not like those cowards who stood by as an elderly man was pummeled in the face. god, it makes me want to find those people and punch THEM in the face!

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