Wednesday, January 31, 2007

  • a woman who went to police because she was raped was thrown in jail. she had an outstanding warrant for failing to pay restitution for a theft in 2003. so they tossed her in jail, then wouldn't give her her second morning after pill so that she could be sure not to become pregnant by her rapist. now if that isn't the most horrifying way to be met with reporting a rape, i don't know what is. (besides, i guess, your rapist being the police officer assigned to you, which probably only could happen on tv.) tampa police say they've implemented a new policy stating that you can't throw someone reporting being a victim to a crime in jail immediately. good call, morons. i mean, jesus, at least find her rapist and THEN throw her in jail!
  • fidel castro is up and chatting with venezuelan leader hugo chavez in a new video. oh well, miami, guess you're going to have to put that party off a little longer!
  • have you ever seen this website? it is fascinating. each sunday they post a new batch of secrets that people mail in--anonymously--on postcards. there was an article on cnn today about the man who started it. pretty interesting stuff, check it out!

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