Friday, January 26, 2007

  • 65-year-old nell hamm of california saved her husband's life when a mountain lion attacked him while they were hiking. she found a log nearby and beat the crap out of it until it finally got off her husband. she then screamed and waved the log at the cat as it stared at her, until it finally walked away. the husband has some injuries, but he's going to be alright thanks to his wife. they celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary next month. can you imagine? beating a mountain lion off your husband? or anyone else for that matter?! what a brave, brave lady. they're supposed to go to new zealand next month for their anniversary. maybe someone will pick up the tab...
  • the new york city mayor's office wants to have an official NYC condom. they think, and i quote, "more people will use them if they have jazzy packaging." hmm. i think handing out free condoms is a great strategy for cutting down on the spread of STDs, but i am not so sure "jazzy packaging" is going to make more people use them. but, whatever. :)
  • life lesson #23,348: it is not a good idea to go sky diving with your lover and his girlfriend. a belgian woman plummeted to her death last november when her parachute failed. police have arrested a woman who was on the skydive with her, and they say the woman they've arrested tampered with the dead lady's parachute because she found out she was having an affair with her boyfriend. who was also on the skydive. they're pretty sure this woman they've arrested is guilty since when they asked her to come in to make a second statement, she tried to kill herself instead. sad. and certainly no one deserves to die such a horrible death because they're having an affair, but jeez. not so bright to jump out of a plane with someone who HATES YOU. duh.
  • poor mozart. he has had too much viagra or something. they're going to chop this little lizard's wanker off because he has had an erection for over a week. have no fear, though. this type of lizard actually has TWO weewees, so he'll still have one left when it's all over, and his keepers say it won't affect his little lizard sex life at all. phew!
  • police were able to catch a 16-year-old robbery suspect in louisiana because his pants were so baggy they fell down as he tried to run away. man, people are dumb.
  • a family got kicked off their flight home when their three-year-old daughter wouldn't stop crying. air tran later apologized and refunded their tickets, but they say they won't fly airtran again anytime soon. not sure how i feel about that... i would hate to be on a flight where a kid was screaming for two hours, but chances are she was going to calm down eventually. kids do that stuff, you can't just ban kids because they're kids. can you?

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