Friday, December 15, 2006

  • now this is some seriously awesome technology: a brazilian man on business in germany got an alert on his cell phone that his home security cameras (that is, home in brazil) detected something amiss. so he logged on to his laptop and witnessed LIVE a man robbing his house! he called his wife, who wasn't at the house but was in his hometown in brazil, and she called the cops. they were able to tell the police where exactly in the house the man was and what he looked like, and they caught him! i am usually a little freaked out by the whole big brother/cameras everywhere thing, but, man, that's cool!
  • breast cancer rates are dropping! in 2003, they decreased by 7.2%. while that's not a gigantic decrease, that equals 14,000 fewer people diagnosed with breast cancer. and that's awesome! they say it's because fewer women are using hormone replacement therapy. while it is a far cry from a cure, it is exciting when doctors and researchers begin finding ways to have an impact on awful diseases like this.
  • see this picture? it's cute, right? kinda funny? what's even funnier is the article it accompanied. the article, from, discusses recent findings that circumcision can reduce a heterosexual man's risk of contracting HIV or AIDS by up to 50%. and that perhaps circumcising all newborn boys is a great HIV prevention strategy. an interesting scientific study. i just find it hillarious that the people who posted this story on this site decided to put this picture with it. ha! i guess canadians aren't too big on circumcision. :)
  • ha! okay, i might have to start making google news my primary news source. i also found this article (accompanied by the equally hillarious photo to the left) there. we all know texans are a little loopy (no offense texans, god bless ya), but allowing blind people to hunt? say wha?! well, they'd have to use a laser scope and a spotter (which, as a non-hunter i'm not positive, but i assume a "spotter" is another person). and the most ridiculous part of it is that there are 15 other states that allow blind people to hunt with these regulations. now i'm all about some equal opportunity-ness, but, uh, blind people honestly shouldn't be given weapons. that said, there are PLENTY of sighted people who shouldn't be given weapons, too. aw, hell, let's just take all the weapons away. that'll fix it. ;-) by the way, the representative who introduced this bill in texas says something along the lines of, "blind people can get a drivers license, so they can drive themselves there, but then they can't hunt." um.... is that true? can blind people get drivers licenses? 'cause that seems pretty odd, too..... again, i must reinforce the fact that i love all people, whether you can see or not. but there are just some things that some people shouldn't be able to do........

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