Thursday, December 7, 2006

  • in case you were concerned, kevin federline says he is doing just fine in spite of the fact that britney's divorcing him. 'cause i know everyone was concerned...
  • glad my mom wasn't big on extreme punishment. a 12-year-old kid in columbia, sc was arrested after his mom found out he went in some stuff at his great-grandma's and opened up his christmas present early--a gameboy--and started playing with it. mom called the cops and they came and arrested the kid and took him to the police station in handcuffs! he was charged with petty larceny. mom said she wanted to teach him a lesson, that he's always just done stuff and gotten away with it. but no more! this reminds me of the time when i was about 9 that my mom had pre-wrapped every single one of my christmas presents and put them all in a bag on top of her closet. well, i was a latch-key kid, so one day after school when she was at work, i went in there, took the bag down, and carefully unwrapped enough of each present to see what it was (i mean every single one!) and then re-wrapped it. except this one barbie outfit. i tore the paper accidentally, so i decided i'd tuck that outfit away in my room until christmas morning, then once i got all the new toys in my room i would just sneak that in there and hope she didn't notice that she never saw me unwrap it. you know, she would just think that she had forgotten seeing me open that one. well, smart as i thought i was, my mom was smarter. when she saw me playing with that outfit she knew exactly what i had done! :) i need to ask her if she knew i had done that BEFORE she saw the outfit or not. i think the outfit was what gave me away. so probably the better plan would have been to never bring that outfit out again at all and then she would have just thought it got lost somewhere or something... oh well, i was 9... i was deceitful, but not masterfully so. :) i would also like to note that knowing what i was getting kinda took all the fun out of christmas morning and i have insisted ever since then that my parents not even show me the packages of my presents until christmas morning. even when i was still spending christmas eve night at my dad's house well into my twenties, i would make him keep all my presents in his room until i went to bed. retarded? perhaps. but man does it make christmas fun! (i make my husband do this too. i guess you could stay i still believe in santa claus. :) )

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